“Top quality of exotic fruit, a flexible and a dynamic organization are the keys to success in the import-export and distribution of our products throughout Europe / Russia / USA / Canada / Middle East / Far East.“

Combined Strength
MOJO is a dynamic company that are involved in the import-exports of fresh exotic fruits around the globe. It was established in 2017 by a team of professionals and growers with over 25 years of experience in the sector of perishables.

“The market in fresh fruit is turbulent, and it calls for flexible and customer-oriented trading partners. Together, we operate with greater strength and professionalism in the market.”

The people
The management of MOJO consist of a team of professionals and growers who joined forces on the production side and marketing side.

Together with the MOJO team, we are actively engaged in the import-exports of fresh exotic fruits from South America-Central America. Top quality of exotic fruits and a flexible and service-oriented organization form the basis for MOJO’s development. “However, there is no doubt that the success and the rapid growth of MOJO are down to the enthusiasm and hard work of our team.”

Specialized and Complete
As a specialist in fresh exotic fruit, MOJO offers a wide range of exotic produce. The broad range comes from South America-Central America. Soon, the range will be expanded and consolidated even further.


“Our aim is to be a leading role player in the market, as a successful and dynamic service provider of fresh exotic fruits.”

It’s a people’s business. The strategy of MOJO is therefore focused on the development of long-term partnerships with our growers and customers.

Main Import Countries

Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic & Ecuador.


“Only by building and developing good relationships, with all the links involved in the chain, it is possible to make the route from the grower to the consumer as short and as efficient as possible.”

The clientele of MOJO includes important European / Russian / USA / organizations. In addition, we supply purchasing associations, specialized exporters at home and the processing industry.

“Because of our years of experience in trading across borders -now brought together within MOJO- we can say with good reason that we import-export the juiciest cultures of the world.”
Main Export Countries

The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania & USA.
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